8-bit computer in an FPGA Arduino controller and programmer

8-Bit Computer Arduino Programmer

This post is about the Arduino programmer I made for the 8-Bit Computer in an FPGA. I will show how to use it, connect it, and briefly explain how it works. If you are interested in the source code you can get it all here on Github. This programmer should also be compatible with a normal breadboard computer like the one Ben Eater made in his video series.

D flip flop

8-Bit Computer Flip-Flop Design

In this post, we’ll take a look at the flip-flop which is one of the most common and essential logic blocks used in digital logic design. It can be used used for lots of different things. If you take a look at my 8-bit computer build you will see that flip-flops are used all over the place.

You can use premade flip-flops provided in Quartus. However, I wanted to build my own from scratch to truly understand how they work.

MAX II CPLD USB Blaster Connection

MAX II CPLD Basic Getting Started Tutorial

This tutorial will cover the hardware and software setup for the MAX II CPLD. We will also make a simple design to upload to the CPLD. This little dev board can be picked up on eBay or Aliexpress for around 10 bucks(including the USB blaster). It’s cheap, easy and simple compared to some of the other FPGA dev boards. Despite that, I didn’t find a lot of tutorials and projects(compared to the Arduino stuff) with this board so I thought I’d make a tutorial.

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