Car T10 LED Bulbs

Car T10 LED Bulbs Review

This is just a quick review of a couple of LED bulbs I got for my car some time ago. I want to share this so people don’t make the same mistake as I did buying these crappy LED bulbs. They were pretty cheap but even so it pointless buying them if they don’t work and just become e-waste. Also, it’s a pain to keep changing them when they die or start to flicker especially if they are in hard to reach places that require removing car parts to get to.

dead GPU fix by heating

How To Revive A Dead GPU

In this post, I’ll show you how I fixed my dead GPU by simply heating it up. Some time ago the GPU in my old computer died(black screen). I managed to repair it by simply slowly heating it up, keeping up the heat for some time and then slowly lowering the temperature back down again. As my previous PC was quite old when this happened I got myself a new one and haven’t used the old PC very much since then. So I don’t know how much longer the fixed GPU might have lasted after that.

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