About The Blog

I have started this blog to document my projects and the things I learn about. 



It’s generally a good idea to document projects as after a while you end up forgetting about some of the things that you have done/learned. Also one of the best ways to learn is to read up or watch a video on the topic you are trying to learn. Then you try to explain or teach yourself what you’ve just learned. You must try to explain it in simple terms. If you can’t fully explain what you just learned you need to go back an fill the gaps in your knowledge so you get the full picture. This is commonly known as the Feynman technique named after the great physicist Richard Feynman. I find that posting tutorials is a great way of implementing this method of learning. And, at the end of it, you have a tutorial that can serve you as documentation and can be posted online. 

Why post it online?


If I have tutorials why not make them public so they can potentially help someone out.  Additionally, I can use it as a kind of portfolio to show off the things that I have been doing. 

Redundant posts?


Yes, I know that I might be making the 1001 post about a certain topic. But as I said this blog is a way for me to document and present the things I have done. 

Also, when I am learning about something I tend to watch a few different videos or read a few different tutorials/articles about the topic. I do this because someone may explain things in a way I can better understand or they might add some extra information the others didn’t. So, for this reason, I think there is no such thing as too many tutorials.

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