DIY SMD Vacuum Pickup Tool 2

DIY SMD Vacuum Pickup Tool

In this post, I’ll show my DIY SMD vacuum pickup tool. I bought this vacuum pump SMD pickup but it had no way to be turned on/off. There is only a hole on the vacuum “pen” that you can cover with your finger to make or release the vacuum. I decided I would mod it and make it operable with a footswitch. When pressed the vacuum pump is turned on and when you let go the vacuum pump is turned off while the valve is opened at the same time to release the vacuum and instantly drop the SMD part from the nozzle.

diy solder paste dispenser

DIY Solder Paste Dispenser

In this post, I’ll show my DIY solder paste dispenser. It’s powered by a 12V adapter and can be operated by a footswitch(connected via banana connectors). It uses a small membrane air pump/compressor to dispense the solder paste/flux. Additionally, there is a solenoid air valve connected to the airline so the pressure can be released after you let go of the footswitch which prevents the solder paste or flux from oozing out. The pump and valve timing is controlled through a relay module by an attiny45 microcontroller.

Useful Resources For Software Engineers

Useful Software Engineering Resources

It’s hard to remember everything you learn over the years especially if you don’t use it very often. That’s why I think it’s good to have a compilation of cheatsheets, reference books or other types of resources like blog posts/videos/PDFs. So in this post, I will “bookmark” some useful software engineering resources and cheatsheets for myself(or anyone else who stumbles upon this post).

chrome dev tools performance

Chrome Dev Tools

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the very useful developer tools available in Google Chrome. If you press F12 Chrome Dev Tools will open up. Here you will be able to see the source files of the webpage you are on, the console with erros, warnings and messages, memory usage, networking, …

Code Snippets JS 2D Library Konva.js

Javascript 2D Library Konva.js

In this post, we’ll take a look at the Konva.js. Konva is a pretty nice 2D javascript graphics library for the browser. I discovered it when I needed a 2D library for a project at work. It supports both Vue and React frameworks. The reason a library is useful compared to just drawing objects on a canvas is that it provides you with an easy way to draw, style, find, manipulate and attach events to objects.

Code Snippets Exceptions

PHP Exceptions

In this code snippet, we’ll learn how to throw and handle an exception in PHP. Exceptions are used to indicate that an error has occurred within our code. For this demo, we’ll make a simple function that returns the sum of all the elements in a given array. But if the array is empty we’ll throw an exception. We’ll also check the data type of each element using gettype() to make sure the provided value is in fact a number, else an exception will be thrown.

PHP Code Snippets Make a PDF

PHP Making PDFs

In this code snippet, we’ll learn how to make a PDF file in PHP. We will use the FPDF library to generate a PDF. More specifically we’ll see how to create page headers/footers, add page numbers, write text, use cells, use multicell, inserting links and images.

Code Snippets Reading And Writing Excel Files

PHP Reading And Writing Excel Files

In this code snippet, we’ll learn how to read and write excel files in PHP. We will use the PHPSpreadsheet library to read/write Excel files and we’ll learn how to read cells, find a specific string in a row or column, write to cells, set cell styling and formatting(like setting the border, background color, etc) and we’ll see how to insert images.

Code Snippets Using DomDocument To Work With HTML

PHP Using DomDocument To Work With HTML

In this code snippet, we’ll see how to work with HTML using DomDocument in PHP. If you need to change HTML in code or extract some data from it(web scraping) you can use the DomDocuemnt class to help you with that. You simply create a new instance of it and load the HTML and then you can use its functions to access the DOM.

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