C# Code Snippets Async Await

C# Async Await and Tasks

In this code snippet, we will take a look at async and await in C#. The aysnc keyword enables a method to use the await keyword. These two keywords together enable…
C# Code Snippets LINQ Basics

C# LINQ Basics

In this code snippet, we will learn how to do some basic queries using LINQ(Language Integrated Query) in C#.LINQ is used to work with data within C# and can be used…
Best Docker Containers For Your Home Server

Docker Containers I run In My Homelab/Server

In this post, I will list and briefly describe the docker container I use on my home server. There are a bunch of very useful apps or services out there…
mod schematic bottom

18650 Battery Charge Shield UPS Modification

In this post, I will show you how to modify the UPS so it works properly. Years ago I bought these 18650 battery charge shield boards that can be essentially used…
Mini Portable Server From An Old Bitcoin Miner

Mini Portable Server From An Old Bitcoin Miner

In this post, I will document the build process for my mini portable server made from an old Bitcoin miner case and an Orange Pi Zero Plus. One day I…
sonoff smart switch

Installing Tasmota On The Sonoff Smart Switch

In this post, I will show you how to flash a Sonoff Wi-Fi smart switch with the Tasmota firmware. Tasmoata is open source firmware for ESP chips. It gives you…
Car T10 LED Bulbs

Car T10 LED Bulbs Review

This is just a quick review of a couple of LED bulbs I got for my car some time ago. I want to share this so people don’t make the…
bmw f10 revers light assembly new bulbs 2

BMW F10 Reverse Light Bulb LED Replacement/Retrofit

Recently I replaced/retrofitted the reverse lights and back fog lights on my car. I thought I’d document the process and post it online so it can help out anyone trying…
DIY Current Clamp Meter

DIY Clamp Current Meter

In this post, I will show you the contactless clamp power meter I made. I used a readily available SCT-013 current transformer clamp. The great thing about this is that…

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