Disclosure: If you buy any of the products listed here through the provided links I may earn a commission for the sales.
Here you’ll find products or services I have bought, used, or owned at some point. This might include books, tools, accessories, kits, or components I used and would recommend buying. Some books or product models/versions might be out of production by now. In such cases, I might list their later editions or replacement/successor products from the same company/author. If you’re not from the USA, Amazon might redirect you to your local Amazon marketplace(de, uk, …). If the linked product isn’t available there it might get replaced with some other similar product!
Here I will list all the component kits(or similar ones) I have bought over the years. Some kits may seem a bit expensive but depending on the amount of projects you do a component assortment kit might last you 10+ years.

Large Electronics Components Assortment Kit

A big package of various component kits. Over the years I have bought almost all of the component kits in this package.

PCB Board Prototype Kit

Often when I finalize a circuit design I move it from a breadboard onto one of these prototype boards to make it permanent. For example, in my 8-bit computer build, I first tested it on breadboards before building the final design onto a prototype board.

Hex Brass and Nylon Spacers Assortment Kit

Large Electronics Starter Kit

Large electronics starter kit with all kinds of boards. I have used and made posts with/about most of these boards(Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, ESP).

Solderless Electronics Breadboard Kit

Breadboards and jumper cables are essential for prototyping circuits. You can see these components being used in many of my posts.

Spot Welder Board

I used this board in this post to make a DIY spot welder.
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