DIY Arduino SD Card Reader

Arduino SD Card Reader

In this post, we’ll see how to make an SD card reader shield for the Arduino. It’s pretty simple as it’s just a matter of connecting the proper Arduino pins to the correct pads on the SD card adapter. Additionally, resistors need to be added for certain pins. These will form voltage dividers that will drop down the signal voltage for the SD card from 5V to around 3.3V.

DIY SMD Vacuum Pickup Tool 2

DIY SMD Vacuum Pickup Tool

In this post, I’ll show my DIY SMD vacuum pickup tool. I bought this vacuum pump SMD pickup but it had no way to be turned on/off. There is only a hole on the vacuum “pen” that you can cover with your finger to make or release the vacuum. I decided I would mod it and make it operable with a footswitch. When pressed the vacuum pump is turned on and when you let go the vacuum pump is turned off while the valve is opened at the same time to release the vacuum and instantly drop the SMD part from the nozzle.

8-bit computer in an FPGA Arduino controller and programmer

8-Bit Computer Arduino Programmer

This post is about the Arduino programmer I made for the 8-Bit Computer in an FPGA. I will show how to use it, connect it, and briefly explain how it works. If you are interested in the source code you can get it all here on Github. This programmer should also be compatible with a normal breadboard computer like the one Ben Eater made in his video series.

TV RCA Image Output with Arduino featured image

Arduino TVout library Image Output

In this tutorial, you will learn how to output video from an Arduino and display it on a TV. Here we will specifically, see how to output an image. If you would like to know how to make the adapter or know more about the other functions available(outputting text, shapes, pixels) in the TVout library see this post.

TV RCA Output with Arduino

Arduino RCA Video Output to TV

In this tutorial, you will learn how to output video from an Arduino and display it on a TV. We will make a board/cable adapter that will connect the Arduino to the TV through the RCA input. Then we’ll look at some of the functions available to us in the TVout library and use them to output something to the screen.

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