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In this code snippet, we’ll learn about jQuery.

jQuery is a library that makes working with javascript a bit easier and quicker. It’s not as popular or needed these days because of all the js frameworks. But it’s still present on a lot of older code. Also, I think it’s useful if you are making a smaller project and don’t need the features and complexity of a js framework.

Note: There are lot more jQuery functions than demonstrated here. This is the complete documentation. Also, I demonstrate some of those functions in other posts.  

Adding jQuery

You can add it by using the <script> tag. The src can then be pointed to either a CDN(like in the example below) or to a jQuery file added to your project locally. jQuery download here

<script src=""></script>


let element;

//Get element by id.
element = jQuery("#someid");
//Get element by class.
element = jQuery(".someclass");
//Get element by tag.
element = jQuery("p");
//Remove element.
//Get perent element.
element = jQuery("#someid").parent;
//Show element.
jQuery("#someid").show(); //If a number in miliseconds is put in as a parameter to show()/hide()  
//Hide element.
//Setting CSS properties.
//Setting inner HTML.
jQuery("#someid").html("<p>Just some text.<p/>"); //Call html() without parameters to get the html instead.
//Setting inner text.
jQuery("#someid").text("Some other text."); //Call text() without parameters to get the text instead.

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