DIY Solder Paste Dispenser

diy solder paste dispenser


In this post, I’ll show my DIY solder paste dispenser. It’s powered by a 12V adapter and can be operated by a footswitch(connected via banana connectors). It uses a small membrane air pump/compressor to dispense the solder paste/flux. Additionally, there is a solenoid air valve connected to the airline so the pressure can be released after you let go of the footswitch which prevents the solder paste or flux from oozing out. The pump and valve timing is controlled through a relay module by an Attiny45 microcontroller.

Hardware used:

I simply hot glued the components inside the project box. It’s not the prettiest looking thing but it gets the job done.
solder dispenser electronics



This is the very simple code that controls the dispenser. I used an Arduino with the Arduino IDE to program the Attiny45. If you want to know how to program the Attiny with an Arduino using the Arduino IDE see this post I made.
const byte relayPin = 2;
const byte switchPin = 1;
const byte airPumpPin = 0;

bool state = false; 
bool prevState = false;

void setup() 
  pinMode(relayPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(switchPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(airPumpPin, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(airPumpPin, HIGH); 
  digitalWrite(relayPin, HIGH); 

void loop() 
  if(digitalRead(switchPin) == HIGH) 
    state = true; 
    state = false; 
    digitalWrite(airPumpPin, LOW);    
    digitalWrite(airPumpPin, HIGH);
  if(prevState == true && state == false)
      digitalWrite(relayPin, LOW);
      digitalWrite(relayPin, HIGH);

   prevState = state;




    1. Hi.

      I added the links to most of the main parts used under the “Hardware used:” section above. But you don’t have to buy the parts from Amazon.
      You can just copy the names of the parts and look for them on ebay or Aliexpress where you can find them for a cheaper price.

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