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18650 Battery Charge Shield UPS Modification

In this post, I will show you how to modify the UPS so it works properly. Years ago I bought these 18650 battery charge shield boards that can be essentially used as a UPS(uninterruptible power supply). I just recently made a project that required a UPS so I finally decided to use them. This is when I found out about all the problems associated with this module.

Mini Portable Server From An Old Bitcoin Miner

Mini Portable Server From An Old Bitcoin Miner

In this post, I will document the build process for my mini portable server made from an old Bitcoin miner case and an Orange Pi Zero Plus. One day I was looking through my SBCs parts bin and saw the Orange Pi Zero Plus board(still in its packaging) I had bought many years ago but never used. I got the idea to make a small portable server that could maybe run an MQTT broker, act as an AP, run a web server, etc.

sonoff smart switch

Installing Tasmota On The Sonoff Smart Switch

In this post, I will show you how to flash a Sonoff Wi-Fi smart switch with the Tasmota firmware. Tasmoata is open source firmware for ESP chips. It gives you extra functionality like control via HTTP, Web UI, MQTT or serial compared to the Sonoff app. It also makes it easy to integrate with other services like Home Assistant. But most importantly it has no external dependencies and it won’t collect your data.

Car T10 LED Bulbs

Car T10 LED Bulbs Review

This is just a quick review of a couple of LED bulbs I got for my car some time ago. I want to share this so people don’t make the same mistake as I did buying these crappy LED bulbs. They were pretty cheap but even so it pointless buying them if they don’t work and just become e-waste. Also, it’s a pain to keep changing them when they die or start to flicker especially if they are in hard to reach places that require removing car parts to get to.

DIY Current Clamp Meter

DIY Clamp Current Meter

In this post, I will show you the contactless clamp power meter I made. I used a readily available SCT-013 current transformer clamp. The great thing about this is that you can measure the current flowing through a wire without having to put an amp meter in series with the load and source. This means you also don’t have to expose yourself to a potentially dangerous voltage.


ESP32/8266 Over The Air Updates (OTA)

In this post, I’ll show you how to do OTA(over the air updates) to your ESP32/ESP8266. This means that you don’t have to connect your ESP board to your PC by cable and can instead push firmware updates wirelessly over the network(as long as you are connected to the same network). The process of uploading the firmware remains almost the same. The only difference is you have to select a network port under Tools -> Port -> Network Ports instead of a COM port.

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