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In this code snippet, we’ll learn about closures in Javascript.

A closure is simply a function within a function. With this, we can achieve variable encapsulation. In other OOP languages, this would be done by making a private property inside a class. This way the variables inside are isolated and protected from the global space.

Let’s see the code example below.


function counter() {
	//Local variable. Just like a private variable in an object.
  let count = 0;
  return function incCount() {
    return count;

//More counters can be made and each one will have it's own internal variables that are protected form the global space.
const counter1 = counter();
const counter2 = counter();

console.log("Counter1: " + counter1());

console.log("Counter1: " + counter1());
console.log("Counter2: " + counter2());

console.log("Counter1: " + counter1());
console.log("Counter2: " + counter2());

Resulting output:


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